About Us

NPLB Mission Statement: Through a variety of outdoor activities and outings, Operation NPLB Outdoors builds lasting relationships with those directly impacted by combat during our nation's armed conflicts, regardless of era, in order to promote positive outcomes and lifelong successes.

In 2004, professional guides Mark Hoke and Cody Kittleman from Maryland hosted handicap accessible (Aka Handy-Capable) hunting outings for injured civilians. In 2006, the staff at Walter Reed Army Medical Center learned of Mark and Cody's successful efforts through an article in the Washington Post. They reached out to the duo hoping they might be interested in taking some Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans out on a hunting outing. Needless to say, Cody and Mark were honored to support these heroes and agreed without hesitation.

With the help of family and their friends, the two were able to put together a small number of quality hunting outings in a family atmosphere. What started out as two outings a year in 2006 soon turned into twenty outings by 2009. Cody and Mark knew they needed support from others to keep up with the demand for this program.

Today, Operation No Person Left Behind Outdoors (NPLB) aids in the recovery and rehabilitation of injured service members from all eras who endure the lifelong sacrifices they made for our country. Operation No Person Left Behind Outdoors (NPLB) supports injured Soldiers, Sailors, Coasties, Airmen and Marines by reintroducing them to hunting, fishing and life outdoors. Volunteers offer their time and skills to aid in the emotional recovery of our veterans through outdoor activities with fellowship and encouragement to overcome any disability.

Everyone involved in Operation No Person Left Behind Outdoors (NPLB) is humbled by our troops' commitment and they honor all disabled servicemen and women who have served in wars past and present. Operation No Person Left Behind Outdoors (NPLB) creates an environment that is conducive to healing by empowerment. By giving disabled veterans time away from their care facilities we enable them to concentrate on life beyond their injuries. We facilitate connections between injured veterans who share similar injuries and situations in a natural environment.

Operation No Person Left Behind Outdoors (NPLB) is much more than just showing our veterans they can still enjoy the great outdoors and hunting and fishing. By giving our veterans an opportunity to share their wartime experience with those who have been there before, we enable veterans to promote healing within their own ranks just like taking care of a buddy on the battlefield. We help combat veterans heal emotional wounds in a way many understand and appreciate. Our biggest objective is to show our returning warriors that they are loved, appreciated and honored.

We are patriotic Americans who love this country for its founding values and we will continue to give back to our veterans and their families for the sacrifices that have been made.